Interview with Miss Elvina Leivon, MCS 2014

Interview with Miss Elvina Leivon, MCS 2014


“Lekha kasimpet leh Mobile phone Cupboard sung’ah ‘silent’ in kakoiji-e”.

Manipur a dia themvet kitetna lah-a asangpen MCS exam hi itih ham’a kipat ‘regular’ thimtah in ahung kiboltan ahi. Hiti chun tukum October lha a anakiiphong MCS/MPS le Allied services exam result a chun lolhinna nei tamtah ana um’e. Hiche lolhinna hin neiho lah-a MCS hinmu Miss Elvina Leivon hi ET in ‘interview’ boldia ahung kilhendohna jeh thupipen chu ahileh tulaiya khangthah lekhasim ho suboipen khatna pang Mobile phone, Internet le Facebook kiti hoa kon’a kikangsena leh amanje ahetdan hojeh-a lolhinna sangtah neikhat ahung hidoh chu ahi. Iding’a pha le phalou ho lhenkhendi, thilsem manchah (mobile phone) ho thu thua nunlouding, amanje hetding ti hi Elvina in asei holah-a khangthah lekhasim ho jahthei dia kitahlang nompen chu ahi. Hiche interview hi mijouse het theidin English pao ah ahung kiso e:-

Eimi Times (ET): First of all, hearty congratulations on your success. MCS is such a coveted service in Manipur. What was your reaction when you found your name in the list of successful candidates?

Elvina Leivon (Elvina): I was relieved.  All I could think about was ‘atlast,I made it somewhere too!

  ET: In what way did your parents contribute/help you clear the MCS exams? What or who motivated you to take this exam?

Elvina: My parents have been my rock and foundation. Without their support materially and psychologically, this would not have been possible. They supported and encouraged me even at times of my failures. Their love for me has been unconditional. I decided to take this exam because I wanted to be in a job which would give me a sense of satisfaction which would go beyond the paycheck and more on what I could do. And I felt this service would give me that opportunity.

  ET: Being a combined exam, did you expect to get the MCS from the initial stage of preparation for the exam? Had you got MPS or any other MPSC allied services would you still be contented?

Elvina: I wanted MCS from the start. But if I had got another service I would still have to take it because it’s been almost 3 years I have been unemployed and being unemployed isn’t very exciting!

  ET: What are your subjects/optional papers? Which part of the test did you find it difficult or easy and how did you overcome it/them?

Elvina: My optionals were sociology and psychology. When I started I was lost as anyone else. I remember I slept for 1 hour in my first mains in psychology paper because I dint know what to write. But continual preparation helped me reach my target and I managed to score beyond my expectations. As for sociology, this has been a tricky subject for me. Its easy to study but tough to score. But I must say all u need is continuous preparation to deal with any difficulty.

  ET: In how many attempts did you clear this exam? Had you not been selected for any service this time, would you still try?

Elvina: This was my 2nd attempt in MPSC. I started my preparation from 2012.
If I would not have been selected this year I would have definitely started applying for other options in academics.

  ET: What about UPSC civil services exams, have you tried or planning to give an attempt at it?

Elvina: UPSC has been the goal. So yes I have attempted it. And if I have the opportunity I would like to give it a final shot next year.

  ET: How was the interview board? What were the main thing they asked and how did you answer them? (one or two questions in brief please)

Elvina: The interview board was the nicest panel I must say. The questions asked to me were mostly based on psychology.

(i) What psychological issue do the people of Manipur face as compared to other states?

Elvina: Stress related. Due to the problems of law and order. For eg. A person who has a car would be stressed when there is a blockade because he would have to think about from where he would get his next supply from. People from other states would not have to worry about such things.

(ii) What kind of people commit suicide?

Elvina: People who are depressed, have feelings of hopelessness and are not able to cope effectively with life stresses.

  ET: Technological invasions and uncontrolled use of cellphones by youngsters including students studying for academic exams or those preparing for competitive exams has obviously taken its toll. We would like to hear from you on this.

Elvina: Very true. It is mainly for this reason I stopped using facebook in 2012. Because I find it too intrusive. I often had to keep my phone on silent inside my cupboard because it was distracting!
So yes, we need to draw a line between what is good and harmful and ensure that technology doesn’t dictate our lives.

  ET: In spite of the fact that women play an important role in our society and that women are no less intelligent than their male counterpart they still occupy “subservient status”. So do you think our tribal customs should be modified for women empowerment?

Elvina: Personally I feel that our tribal customs are far more egalitarian than any other customs. And our tribal women are more empowered than other groups. It is more a question of education and personality. So a well educated woman with an high degree of achievement motivation will definitely have an equal say in the society as compared to men.

  ET: Most women (read girls) today seem to focus too much on career and think marriage as a secondary thing. You have now “settled” career-wise. What about romance life, plan to settle down, etc?

Elvina: Haha. Thats a question I want the answers to as well. I believe God has been with me so far, so I will wait on that.

  ET: Your message to aspiring civil servants.

Elvina: There is nothing greater than hard work and commitment. No person is born knowledgeable. It all depends on how much you give in. So if u want it, nothing should stop you. Make the right decision everyday in choosing to do what will help u achieve your goals. You cannot be in between and make compromise on your studies. U are either in or out. Thats a choice u have to make everyday. And never be regretful of your efforts irrespective of the results.

  ET: Thank you very much for sparing your valuable time. Wish you a successful life and career ahead.

Elvina: Pleasure.

Fact file:

Full Name: Elvina Lalmuanpuii Leivon
Parents’ name and occupation:
Father – lr Kom, Medical Doctor
Mother – R. Lalveni, AAO
Permanent Address (native village): Keirup Khullen Haotak
Present address: Laimanai Lamphel Tarung
Interests: Music and reading fashion magazines.


  1. My question: MCS nu hin mobile akisuh boi sah poi tihi interview masang a nahet u hitam or interview nabol uva kon nahet u ham?? Interview kibol a kon kihedoh ahileh iti dan a interview kibolna reason chu mobile akisuh boi sahlou jeh kiti thei di ham… Small clarification plizzzzz

    Chule, interview question hohi national media ho question neokhat beh ki copy thei leh kati e

    • Nam nuganh khat lolhin nachung ah kakipana kahin phuong e..!! kalung gel dan hileh interview bol ding a select kibol ho hi back ground hahsa jep ho hleh aphat chuom na tma jo din kagel e…!! ajeh chu e society sung u hi evetleh insung background hahsa tha a lekha sim tamtah aum in chuleh alhomjohi insung background hoi ahi. hijeh hin insung hahsahtah a hung lolhing ho interview kingai g leh kitiel khouna hi hatjo inte tin kagel e…!! insung background hoi ho a chu kitiel khouna alhome or aumpoi kati na vang ahipoi..!! interviwew ho esimphat leh aki2 tiel khou ma2 g in ahi but sucscessful candidates ho hin facilities/material anei hou hi akibnag poi katina ahe. kaseikhiel seivaal aumleh ngaidam..!!