DR.SIR H.HEMKHOLUN MATE, THE LEGEND OF MANIPUR By: TS. Demkhopao Haokip, Tuibuong DHQ, CCpur. (29th Nov. 2015)


Men, on earth are born with different abilities, some men are born with a particular talent,some are born with two talents or more . In the Chin,Kuki, Mizo (CHIKIM) communities in India, I found a man born with more than three talents. He is only Dr.Sir H. Hemkholun Mate @ Dr Sir H.H Mate . As per my findings and understanding, he was not born with a silver spoon . Brought up in a poor family in the remote village of Manipur , bordering Myanmar during his childhood . He was the eldest son of Retd. Pastor Holkhojam Mate and Mrs. H.Deihat Mate. Nobody believed that he would become a well-known person in future. By dint of his hard works, true dedication to his works and in his studies right from his childhood to till now, He was known to all for his outstanding services, achievements and contribution for the society, nation and country. Dr Sir H.H Mate was born on the 15thSeptember, 1957 atLamjang Village in Chandel district, Manipur. He was educated in different English medium Schools in Manipur till he passed his matriculation. After passing degree courses like B.Sc. (Physicshonours) and B.E (Electronics& Communication), he studied master degrees like M.Sc. (Physics) and M.Phil. He then enrolled for Ph.D and was awarded in 1999 by the Osamia University in the thesis-‘’TelevisionWorking Technology ‘’. He was absorbed in different Central Government Departments like ISRO,Delhi, IIT, Kanpur and CWPRS, Pune during 1988 – 1999 as Junior Scientist, Instrument Engineer and Indian Research Officer. He wrote 25 research papers and published them in the research journals and magazines published in India. Dr. Sir H.H Mate also wrote about 5 research Project works and these were also published in the Journals & Magazines which are published India. Not only these, he also wrote more than 1500 articles in English and Kuki in various topics and published them in the leading newspapers, magazines and journals too as an excellent journalist. He is the world’s eminent educationist and also the true legend of the Northeast, scientist, social worker and journalist. He has been working in different fields and got excellence in his chosen field of activities. For his outstanding performances, achievements and great contributions to the nation and worldwide he has been awarded several awards and honors in India and abroad. Sofar, he has received 157 awards and honors from different departments, societies, organizations, associations, trusts, etc. As an eminent educationist he wrote books on education and published them. As a scientist, he wrote books on science & technology and published them. As a social worker he wrote books on socio-economics and published them. Some of the notable books he wrote/authored and published are: 1. The Threshold of Education 2. Education is the maker of life (in the field of education) 3. Advances and Development of science and Technology 4. Know your space and universe 5. Computer and the modern world, etc. (in the field of science & technology). 6. The seasonal Inputs and outputs and 7. Ways for Reforming the Nation (in the field of Socio-Economics) beside other books. He is a man who used to work round the clocks behind the screen. Here, I would like to stress more about his personalities as educationist, academician, scientist, journalist and social worker/activist. Dr. Sir. H. H. Mate was awarded Knight of the Saint John of Jerusalem in 2014 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Doctor of Literature was conferred upon him in 2012 and even Doctor of Divinity was conferred upon him in 2011. He is the living legend of the Chin, Kuki, Mizo (CHIKIM) communities in India. He is the Man of Achievement, Social Writer, Noble Son of India, Pride of India and Asia, Great Achiever of India, Jewel of India and Asia, Glory of India and Asia, Marvel Man of Kukis, Best Educationist, Best Gurukul, Gem of India, India Pride, Super Achiever, True Legend of Manipur and Northeast, Global Achiever, Shining Star of India, Golden Beam of India, Star of Asia, Eimi International Achiever, India International Achiever, Global Teacher Role Model, etc as he was awarded national and international level awards associated with these personalities right from 1997-2015. So far, he has received 5 State level awards, 5 Regional level awards, 90 National level awards, 10 Global level awards and 47 International level awards.Though he is above 58 years old, he is still very active in his works in the school he founded and kept on having writing articles and research papers. He has toured/visited more than 18 countries of the world in Asia, Europe and America. He is a man of simple living and high thinking in the society. It is to be noted that the profiles and biography of Dr.SirH.H.Mate was published in the volumes/ books like Man of Achievements (1999)published by International publishing House, New Delhi. The Contemporary Who Is Who (2004) published by the American Biographical Institute, North Carolina (USA), Manmasi Digest (2006), ThalaiteKhawvel (2014). NIC Achievers Who Is Who (2015) published by NIC, New Delhi, IIEM Achievers Who Is Who (2015) published by IIEM, New Delhi and many others besides publishing in the magazines & Newspapers in India. He is the writer and, he wrote many books and Articles in different fields such as in education, science& technology, socio-economic and political issues and in environmental issues. He was awarded social writer award and writer award and even journalism award in the state and in New Delhi. Moreover, Dr.Sir H.H.Mate was honored by The Telegraph by awarding him True LegendsAward Northeast at Guwahati on the 18th September, 2015. He is renowned for his relentless social works, education work, and has been conferred and awarded various important recognitions and awards by the national and international community. He has worked as a writer, journalist and an educationist. He also has worked as a Junior Scientist at ISRO and has made significant Contributions for the nation and worldwide with his work at IIT as Instrumentation Engineer in telecommunication and in the other fields. He has received about 10 State&Regional awards,90 National level awards,47 International awards and 10 Global awards during 1997 to 2015 in the fields of Education, Science & Technology, Literature, journalism and in Child welfare. He has also penned many books for schools, authored and published books on education, science & technology and in other fields, too. He has research works and his research papers have been published and presented in conventions around the world. He is the eminent educationist, academician and personality in journalism for he has written and contributed more than 1550 articles in the newspapers, magazines and journals in India. It is expected that Dr. Sir H. H. Mate will become one of the great leaders in India in the years to come.