Dec. 13, 2015 – THE MONKEY TRAP BILL :...



Article 371 C dung juija  tribal  MLA  20  einei  houhin  tribal interest  avetsui diuva  HAC  formed kibol ahi.  MLR & LR (Six amendment ) Bill 1989  chu HAC hetsahna neilouvin Assembly  a passed anakibollin ahi. HAC in opposed hatah a anabol jeh in President in nopna ( assent  ) anapepon, Bill chu withdraw anakibol tai. Hichea pan anala HAC member hochu pachat ding angaiye. Tuchung  31 August”15 nia  3  bills passed kibol chu thinglhangmi (Tribal) hole thenglhang gam atoh khat vangin HAC committee komma vetchil nadin ngansena anakipepoi. Constitution le Assembly Rules & Procedure dung juija thinglhang gam tongkha theiding bill hochu HAC komma refer bolding ngai ahi.  Ahinla tuchung 3 Bills hohi Money Bill ahi tia HAC approval beija passed anakibol ahitai.  Ahinla dandih louva hiche bill hohi passed anakibol ahi. The Manipur Legislative Assembly (HILL AREAS COMMITTEE) ORDER, 1972, Articles 4 Clause (1) in epi asejen : All Scheduled matters in so far as they relate to the Hill Areas shall be within the purview of the HAC and – Clause (2) – Every Bill, other than a Money Bill affecting wholly or partly the Hill Areas and containing mainly provisions dealing with any of the Scheduled matters shall, after introduction in the Assembly, be referred to the HAC for consideration and report to the Assembly. Chule mipin ahetdia poimo khat chu ahile, hiche 3 Bills hohi Money Bill ahipoi. Ajehchu Money bill definition chu –  Money Bill is defined under Clauses (1) and (3) of Article 199 of the Constitution of India. Money Bill relates to imposition of taxes and expenditures likely to involved transaction affecting the Consolidated Fund of the Union or the State. Hiche Protection of Manipur People Bill, 2015 hi Constitution Article 199 dungjuijin Money bill kitithei louding ahi ajehchu tax le finance to kisaina imacha umlou ahi. Chule Protection of Manipur People Bill, 2015, hi document thum a based kibol ahi. Hiche document hochu ahile : – (1) National Register of Citizenship, 1951; (2) Census Report, 1951 chule (3) Village Directory, 1951 ahi. Kholchilna kinei dung juijin hiche thum lah ahin National Register of Citizenship 1951, kitipen hi Census Directorate in hitabang Register hi aumpoi tin News paper le ISTV a mipi hetdin phondohna anei tai. Abanna, Census Report 1951 hi akimun, ahinla hiche Register dung juijin akhomin     (Name of Village) le mihem ijat umham ( No. of Male/Female/Total) bou akipen mi  mim khatcha ajaopoi.  Ahile, Sect. 2 (b) of PMP bill dung juijin hiche Register sung-a min kijihlut ho bouseh chu “Manipur Person” kitiding ahi. Hiche Register ahin Meitei, Pangngal, chule Tribal homin khatcha ajao pou. Hijeh chun Sect. 2(c) dung juijin hiche  3 Register sung-a min joalouse chu Non-Manipur Person hiding ahitai. Chubannin, Village Directory chu ivetle hiche directory ajong hin Name of Village/ No. of household / Name of community/  bouseh akimun, mimim khatcha akimupoi. Village Directory hi hill area abou applicable ahi. Hiti ahijeh chun Tribal hojouse hi Non-Manipur persons kitiding ahitai. (as per Sect.2(c) of the PMP bill ). Ahile, Hill Area Committee (HAC) 20 MLAs hon ipi atile hiche 3 bills in thinglhang gam le thinglhang mite interest atohkhat ding henasa thipbeh a mummom bang-a bill hochu Assembly a pass abolsah uham. Jaa umtah le ginchat umtah 20 member HAC hon Tribal gam le tribal Security thipbeh a akijoh doh u-hitam ? Amahodia hiche 3 bills hi Black Money bill ahi. Jong (monkey) khu box sung khatna  mot (banana) ikoija ahom neocha khat isemle, hiche hom neocha a chun akhut asohlut in mihon amat got tengle Jong chun mot(banna) chu asim chahkheh in akhut chu abot doh joupoi. Mot chu lelhah a jamding got sang-in sip chah kheh-a mi kimat sahding adeijoi. Hiche bang chun C.M. Ibobin 3 Bill box sung Black Money Notes tampi akoijin 20 Tribal MLAs hochun box homsung achun akhut u asohlut un black money notes chu asim chahkheh uvin mipi athile thitante tin apang detkheh taove. Mipin Moral lesson (kijilna) einei thei diu hinam ? Akit 2017 Assembly Election tengle hiche 20 MLAs hohi tunkit ding natiuham? JAC C.C. Pur le ATSUM hon hiche 20 MLAs hohi Social Boycott bolding ahi tin phondohna aneitai. Ahin mipin epi egel uham? Election tengle hiche 20 MLAs hohin Sumthang ahinkam diu, mi tampi oh thei ahi. Hitabang abul abal neilou Bill pass kibol jeh-a Manipur Valley le Thinglhang gamma bouina nasatah sosah government hin moral ground a resign kibol dia lomtah ahi. Ajeh chu nitinna nehding kiholthu, loubolmi, sumkolvei, office kai, chule school/college kai chapang, hon phat mantam le nikho ijat mang hitam. Hiche  3 Bills chungchang-a isopiu thilong 9 vuilou laija um. HAC  20 MLAs hon tunichan geija kisihna lungthim neilou. Mipin function jousea  amaho Chief Guest a pansah nalai.  Are we still prisoners of the past? Political awareness le Mass uprising neiphat hitalouham ? We have already begun let us keep up the momentum.